Autumn Girl


Come home, autumn girl,

to our summer hills.

Paint them gold, and put frost

on our windowsills.


Bring with you barrels

of apples and oats

and reason to air out

our stale woolen coats.


Don’t wait, autumn girl—

The sky’s tattered and old;

needs a fresh coat of paint,

more of blue, less of gold.


Wear your suede loafers

and pumpkin-orange tights

to stroll in the chill

of those first starry nights.


It’s time, autumn girl,

for the year’s better half—

full of harvest and hearth and

the sound of your laugh.




4 responses »

  1. How lovely. You captured her beautifully. I, too, am ready for the stunning season of autumn.

    Love you,
    “Auntie” G

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