Rainy Monday Observations


Speaking of the Carpenters, today was both rainy and a Monday—talk about a double dose of getting you down.

On this rainy Monday, all I can offer the blogosphere is a short list of observations that accumulated during the day.

  1. Not drinking coffee is hard.
  2. If you make an effort to go to bed early, I can guarantee you that it’ll take you about an hour and a half to fall asleep.
  3. My mother took an online class this summer and didn’t lose a single point. She made a perfect score in the class. She is AMAZING. I will elaborate on her amazingness in later posts.
  4. Yellow has got to be the happiest color.
  5. For some inexplicable reason, people find it hard to distinguish between the different members of the big cat family. I hear people calling lions “tigers,” despite their obvious lack of stripes, or, oddly worse, calling tigers “lions,” even though they obviously don’t have huge, distinctive manes—not to mention they’re bright orange. Leopards get called “tigers” all the time, even though they have spots, not stripes. Why is this? Can people not tell the difference between spots, stripes, or the absence of both? Weren’t they paying attention in preschool when they taught this stuff along with the alphabet? This has been a lifelong question of mine, and maybe one day someone will explain it to me. Okay, I’m done with that one.
  6. A lot of my female friends from high school and engaged/married. There are more every year who achieve this attached status. I guess this sort of thing is to be expected, but I’ve known most of these women my whole life, and I confess to being really, really weirded out every time I think of these people I knew as little girls being all…married.
  7. My cat is afraid of Doctor Who. Every time we watch the show as a family, she crawls into my mother’s lap, staring at the screen as though it’s the source of all that is evil, her ears back and her eyes dilated. Dad just has to whistle the theme song, and she wigs out. I mean, the show is traumatizing and all, but you’d think a cat would be impervious to that kind of thing.
  8. If things get a bit slow at work and it seems like there’s nothing to do (if you have the kind of job that allows for such pauses, and especially if it’s the kind of job that keeps you on your feet), all you have to do is sit down, and something to do will come to you. It’s like magic.
  9. You can’t force a poem. If you try, you will just end up depressing yourself. So don’t go there.
  10. School starts in a little over two weeks. Ack. Oh, wait, I did a post on that. Never mind.

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  1. #7 made me laugh. I figured all your cats would love the good Doctor. And I see from #9 you must hold to the Wordsworth school of poetry–the whole spontaneous-overflow-of-powerful-emotion thing. (or something of that nature. My English lit teacher would be horrified.) My compliments to you on your ability to just let the poetry flow out of your pen-tip on your paper or out of your fingertips onto the computer. Some of us have to hand-crank the poems out and take the poor misshapen creatures, smooth them out, and massage their curled-up verbs and knotted images. It’s not a fun process, but sometimes a necessary one. 🙂 Looking forward to more poetry and witticisms and observations. 🙂

  2. #5 It doesn’t help that there are ligers and tigons. And I believe there are liligers (liger + lion), whose coloring more closely resembles cheetahs, but whose shape is reminiscent of a lion. But they’re all cats, so they’re cute, right?

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