Days Alone


What do you do with a day alone?

It used to be one of my favorite things was having the house to myself for a day. Days alone in the house mean that I can listen to the soundtracks for Broadway musicals as loudly as I can stand it. I can dance along like nobody’s watching, because, of course, nobody is. Except that cats, who look as me as though I’ve lost my mind, especially when I try to get them to dance along with “Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats.” They’re not too keen on that.

Days alone can be one of two things: very productive, or very not. When I was younger, I would use alone days to watch movies that I liked, but my parents had tired of. Or I would curl up in a corner and read or knit for hours. Or I’d play with the cats, which is profitable for them, but not so much for me.

Mustering the willpower to leave the house is always a challenge on alone days. For some reason, without having the accountability of another person in the building, it’s harder for me to get out the door and run errands. I don’t want to. I want to stay at home. It’s my comfortable place. When I’m tempted to think I don’t need people, all I need is a day at home to remind me I need just one other voice to tell me to get out and do something.

God made us to need other people. Adam may have been fine by himself, but after God showed him all the animals (cats, I’m sure, included) and Adam saw that every creature had another creature of its same kind to keep it company, Adam knew something was missing. So did God, and He made Eve.

I know a few readers are thinking, “Yeah, see how well that turned out?!?” Keep in mind that God had a perfect plan, which would’ve worked very well if those two could’ve kept the one rule in the whole Garden. Had they obeyed, there would have been the first family, then more families, and more and still more—and no one would have ever been alone because God knew before anyone else did that people needed people.

For even when it seems we are alone in the world, God is still there. We need Him more than we need the companionship of humans. We don’t always realize it; most of the world has shunned Him. But He is real, and He is there. Whether I face the world with others or on my own, I will never be really alone.

And that is a comforting thought. 


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  1. The Dadster suffers this exact same malady. I love alone days. And I hate them. For the same reasons you have listed? Yes.

    When Mumsie’s around, I am forced to be more productive and, well—BETTER.




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