Here’s to Learning


College dormitories could probably make an introvert out of anybody. You can only rub elbows with a quarter of the campus population for so long before going absolutely bonkers and squirrelling yourself away in some quiet corner.

Maybe that’s just me.

But part of choosing the dorm life is to choose to learn to rub elbows with all kinds of different people, and to learn to love them. In our dormitory, there are girls from Korea, the Bahamas, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Japan, just to name a few countries. And then there are all the different personalities of the states represented in the girls from Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, New York, South Carolina—southerners, northerners, westerners, mid-westerners. Even some Californians. There are introverts and extroverts, Trekkies and Whovians, people who prefer tea to coffee and vice versa—the variables are endless.

And somehow, we’ll all have to muddle our way through our differences and, maybe—just maybe—we’ll have learned something from each other in the end.

Here’s to a new year of learning the important things.


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