Message in a Bottle


Let me begin by saying that I have nothing profound to offer tonight. Honestly, when do I ever have anything profound to say?

All I can say tonight is that I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful life I do not deserve.

I say this knowing that many things may go wrong this year. I say this knowing the physical difficulties that are probably in store for me. I say this knowing that within weeks I will be stressed, and frustrated, and tired, and irritable.

I say this because in a week or two, I will forget that I am blessed beyond measure.

I have a God who loves me enough to have surrendered His life for mine. I have a loving family. I have excellent friends. I have a wonderful church family. I have been pulled out of past circumstances that could have crippled me if I hadn’t had all of the above.

And in a week or two, I will be irritable and unpleasant because I will have forgotten all of the above.

As I said, nothing profound tonight. But perhaps, when I am faced with what seems to be unfaceable, I will look back on my own writings and remember that I am, in fact, loved. I am loved more than I deserve to be loved. And because of that love, I, in turn, must love those around me, and only in getting my eyes off of myself will I regain joy.

In my mind, I am putting this post in a bottle and tossing into the ever-churning ocean of my mind. I know that when the storm hits, I’ll be tempted to abandon ship, throw out my inhibitions and be as mean as I feel like being. But maybe, just maybe, if I can remember my call to love others, I will.

God will help me weather the storm I know is coming. He always has, and He always will, so long as I put my trust in Him.



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