Forth, and Fear No Darkness


Here we are. On the eve of a nine month battle.

Some of us have gone to bed early, so as to face tomorrow with a bit more wakefulness than they’d have otherwise. Some are stretching, loosening their muscles and relaxing before hitting the hay. Some are drinking tea and reading. Others are on Facebook, alerting the world to the fact that classes begin tomorrow. I’m doing the same thing, but on a blog.

You’d think that after four years, I’d know what to expect on the first day of classes. But I don’t. I have an internship, but the people at the place where I’m interning haven’t told me anything about where I need to be or when or if there are meetings I need to attend or what. So I’m just going to show up bright and early tomorrow morning and hope that they’ll tell me what to do.

Also, my books might not arrive in the mail for another day or so. This will make doing homework a challenge.

Overarching the uncertainty is the knowledge that every time I attend a special campus event, like the opening services or daily chapel, it is one of the last times I will experience that event. The knowledge that graduation is coming. The knowledge that the future, vast and laden with possibility, is coming and coming quickly.  

Yes. Yes I am intimidated.

But I know that everything will resolve itself the way it should.

And that is an encouraging thought. 


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