Saturday Night


There are people all around you who are hurting.

I’ve known this for years as rote knowledge, but not until recently has this truth become real. In the past year, I’ve met more people up to their necks in difficulty, strife, and pain than ever before in my life.

Maybe God brought them to me to make a point: I am not alone in my struggles—and my pain is nothing compared to the pain of others.

We’re all selfish by nature, but sometimes I feel like I got an extra spoonful of the stuff before I arrived on the earth. My eyes go inward more than outward—I often choose to wallow in my own hurt than look around and see how others are faring.

But the only way to be joyful is to love others. So this year, God gave me a crowd of people He wants me to love.

Tonight, this Saturday night, a few girls came to me in need of a listening ear. Often I find myself crying out inwardly for someone to listen—I know the feeling—but I don’t always think that others want to be listened to as well. But they do. Oh, they do.

I am telling you, readers, by way of finding accountability, that I will do my utmost to be a better listener, a better counselor, and a better friend. I am an imperfect being, and I can only love imperfectly—but, I will say again, that I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. With His enablement, I know that I can learn to love as He loves.


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