The Last First Monday


Mondays should be outlawed. Can I get an “Amen”?

The Monday stigma might be universal. If things are going terribly, “Monday” is the word that serves as the one-word explanation for why the printer won’t work, or traffic is heavy, or the coffee is cold, or you sleep through your alarm. Extreme cases: the dog dies, or the brakes fail, or war is declared in some region of the world.

Starting a week is rough no matter who you are, be you dog or foreign diplomat.

But what’s even worse than a Monday is a First Monday.

Here at UU, we all count it a blessing that classes began on a Wednesday, allowing us to ease into the roiling hot tub of the semester. We had a few days to brace ourselves for the First Monday. Somehow it’s easier when you can see it coming.

Surely there are also first Mondays for those of us who aren’t students: First Monday at a new job; First Monday as a member of the PTA; First Monday of carpool.

The trouble with non-school-related First Mondays is that there’s no end in sight. There will be Monday after Monday after Monday, all fraught with disastrous possibilities, until you retire. IF you retire.

But today was a joyous sort of Monday, because the black magic of the First Monday of the school year was turned on its head just by attaching one little word:


Yes, friends, for many of us soon-to be graduated Undisclosed University seniors, today was the Last First Monday of our college careers.

If that didn’t put a smile on our weary faces, little else will.

A joyous Tuesday to you all, when you get there. 


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