Dear Autumn,


You can start now.

I mean, I know you got here a few weeks ago. Your entrance was lovely—clear skies, cool breezes, the sun even shone differently.  We were all so excited to see you that we wore our sweaters and bought pumpkin spice lattes.

And then—well, honestly I don’t know what happened. You stopped doing your fall thing.

It’s all humid again, Autumn. The sun’s far too hot for October, and the leaves are barely turning colors. The crickets are still chirping solemnly in the bushes—they should have moved on by now. It’s practically summer still.

Is something wrong? Are you sick?

Did we do something to offend you? Whatever it was, I’m so sorry.

We need you, Autumn. Come back. Summer’s been too long—we need your crispness, your blue skies, your silent, early evenings, your clear stars.

Please, Autumn. We’ve waited so long.





and everyone in Anytown. 


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  1. Dear Autumn,

    I agree with everything that dear Rizzy stated above. I’d like to add that my hair is much happier when you are around. It may sound silly, but my crazy curls actually start to behave when you visit every year. Please come back!

    With gratitude,

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