Seventeenth Wind


“So are you coming tonight?”

Why is it always nighttime when these things happen? The parties that run past midnight, the movie nights, the birthday parties. Why? Why do we have to party when all our boides really want is sleep?

“I would if I could,” I replied. The bottom lid of my right eye twitched. It’s been doing that for three weeks now.

“Why not? Is something wrong?” She has unending energy and a summery smile. I wish I could tell her I could come. I really wish I could.

“I’m exhausted,” I said. “It’ll take every ounce of strength that I have left just to keep my eyes open for this next lecture.”

“Aww,” she says, giving me a sustaining hug. “Maybe you’ll get your second wind sometime this evening and get the energy to show up.”

“Honey,” I said, my right eye continuing to flinch uncontrollably, “I’m beyond my second wind. I’m on my seventeenth. For the week. I can do no more. I need to sleep.”

And I do. I need an hour where I’m allowed to be an introvert. I like parties, I really do, but there comes a point where I just can’t handle any more activity. If I’m going to be a nice person tomorrow, I need to unwind with tea. And the cake that my friend just brought to my room.

So I’m sorry, my dear, loyal reader who invited me to the party for graduating seniors. I truly am. You’re so kind and your energy is so contagious, but tonight I am immune.

It is Friday. I will rest. 


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  1. Now read some of my stuff… I haven’t done anything that would offend you in a while, and I have been writing more because my daughter said I should, and my children’s book is coming out soon… stuff is happening… you can read my posts at night… it will make them seem more exciting… maybe…

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