From the Archives: Starlight Sonnet


I wrote this my sophomore year of college in the spring. I’m not sure where the ideas came from–it was for a class. I don’t remember what it means, so it’s up to you to figure that out. I may have actually published this on the blog before. I can’t remember. But here it is, in case you’ve only been following my blog for a little while. 


A single star that hung on velvet night

Sang above me, sparkling out her song—

A song just as intangible and bright

As she who sang it, long beyond the dawn.


For even as the somber rays of sun

Bled across the surface of the sky,

Her gentle song had only just begun,

Though she faded with the daylight’s dye.


For while the weary Earth wheeled wildly round

She sparkled still, beside the blackened moon.

Though daylight-dwellers could not hear a sound,

She sang, “Take heart! The night is coming soon.”


The blindness of the day is hot and long,

But cannot still the starlight’s loving song.


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