It’s Beginning


Apologies to The Smaller Half, who already mentioned this in his post tonight. But, right now, considering the startling and sudden drop in temperature, I can think of nothing better to say than “baby, it’s cold outside.”

Someone turned on winter. We barely got much of autumn—and now it’s winter.

I will count my blessings, though. The leaves were, in fact, gorgeously colorful this year, as my father predicted. They fell like confetti in a parade, forming leafy tornadoes around my feet as I shuffled from place to place, so surprised by the onset of winter that I didn’t come prepared with a coat.

It’s always pretty apparent when Winter walks in. Autumn Floats in gently, laughing as she comes, running her fingers through the trees and making the world turn firework colors. She’s nutty and giggly and a fairly lighthearted soul.

Winter, though. Winter’s different.

Winter blusters. She has a sneaky smile on her face, and has a mischievous sense of humor. She rattles the acorns from the trees and blows though the leaf piles that were so tidily raked the day before. She pulls a grey curtain over the sky and lingers longer than her welcome really ought to last.

But she is kinder than she’d like you to think she is. Occasionally, she brings snow.

Snow can be an inconvenience. It can even be dangerous. But it is beautiful, and it means canceled classes if there’s enough of it. Snow means a good excuse for hot chocolate and staring out the window and forgetting, for a moment, that you are twenty-one. For a moment, you can remember what it’s like to be six, and there’s snow outside.

I rather miss being six.

Winter is funny about bringing up the past and reassuring you that the future may be chilly, but there are still places of warmth, somewhere, in this wild and wacky world. 


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  1. We had a little winter yesterday as well! I was shocked to see snow on the ground – in November. It is so pretty, but I am not really ready for it. I guess I better get used to it ASAP! 😉

  2. The Dadster Ripostes:

    The imagery of “leafy tornadoes around my feet as I shuffled from place to place” truly delights!

    Yes–nearly every time I walked outside today, I gulped air like a drowning man and shouted, “Oh! What a glorious day!”

    My colleagues think I’m daft.

    I truly could not care less.

    This time of year is glorious. Even God says that He crowns the year with His goodness! (Ps. 65:11: You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.”)

    What a God we serve, Who, in the midst of human misery, turns our eyes to unspeakable beauty.

    If we were but discerning.

    But most men shuffle through life with no regard for God’s unmerited goodness.

    Well, then: I will celebrate it!

    God is good.

    All the time.


    The Dadster

    P.S.: Bundle up! “Baby, it’s COLD outside!”

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