The Small Things


No one will ever be able to convince me that my God does not care for me.

Senior year is proving to be a lot more challenging than I had imagined. I’ve had health issues I’ve never had before. I’m more tired now than I’ve ever been. I’m doing more than I’ve ever done. Sometimes I feel as though I’m slowly going crazier and crazier, unraveling like a torn sweater.

But I know that no matter what is going on, God watches over me.

My car broke down last Friday. It wouldn’t even start. I was miffed. Thankfully, it broke down in the parking lot of a campus facility, a parking lot with a lockable gate that would keep my car safe overnight so I could wait and call a tow truck in the morning (I had rehearsal in less than two hours, and didn’t have time to deal with it that night). By the time Saturday morning rolled around, my car started up again, but we took it to a shop to get looked at anyway. It was the battery, not a complicated or expensive wiring problem or worse, something undiagnosable. But no, all Bill needed was a new battery. I had my car again by Saturday evening, and I could drive over and surprise a friend at a party I had originally told him I couldn’t attend because of rehearsal and a broken car. Ha.

But my fuel gage no longer functioned. The needle lay limp and lifeless behind my steering wheel, unmoved no matter how many times I restarted the car. This was true all week long, and I was worrying that I might not be able to tell when I was running low on fuel.

I didn’t pray about it. After all, what with the world the way it is, why would God worry about my little fuel gage?

Yet today, the second time I parked at my internship, the needle twitched upward and landed wearily on the E. Curious, I started the engine again, and lo and behold, the little needle lit up and floated to the quarter-tank line. Problem solved, just like that. No need to drive to my mechanic, no need to fret about having enough fuel, just God fiddling with the wires.

My God is in the small things. He proves Himself capable of handling the details of my life on a daily basis—I know I can trust Him with the big stuff, too. 


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