In Which I Do the Best I Can


Yes. I hear your nonverbal cries. I know, I know. The posts have been too short. The Flights of fiction have been lame. And the poetry…the poetry is despicable. And what’s up with all those pointless lists?

Allow me to explain, my dear, disappointed readers.

The amount of available time and energy left in my emotional account is overdrawn. One more straw would break this camel’s back.

I type that with a smile on my face, knowing that I have been far more exhausted in the past than I have been this year. I know that everything will turn out okay in the end, because it always has before, no matter how horribly I manage to flub things.

But the fact remains that I have no room left in my head to be creative. This fact is driving me slowly insane. Last year I had all kinds of time and reason to be creative. Not so much this year. In fact, I’m just getting more tired and more and more tasks are stacking up.

All I want for Christmas is Christmas. And sleep.

But I am determined to continue posting to the blog. Even if all I do is write a sentence, I will write something every day, come high water or its alternative.

I’m sorry that the quality has dropped. I’m sorry that I spend so much time whining instead of being funny. I’m really very sorry. Truly. Honestly.

But I am doing the best that I can.

And isn’t that what’s supposed to matter, after all?


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  1. I find you incredibly entertaining no matter how short or long the posts. And your Flights of fiction are never lame. Go a bit easier on yourself … we’ll still be here when things settle down!

  2. I like the poems you’ve been posting. So they’re not Eliot or Frost yet. You’re creating good metaphors, and that’s the best kind of practice a poet can do. By the way, I agree with the previous comment 100%. 🙂 Hope that your day is wonderful and that you get some rest, Miss Rambler.

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