Today Won


I promised I would write something every day. As a writing major, that’s somewhat unavoidable. But sometimes life works against you, and there are some things that can’t be helped.

You know what didn’t get written today? A paper proposal that was due at 1:00. What was I doing at 1:00, you ask? I was preparing for a speech I’d be giving at 2:00. And realizing that I hadn’t done an assignment. And feeling like an idiot. 

Yes. Today won. It beat me. Bam. Out for the count. 

Thank goodness I had dinner with my friend tonight. I might’ve lost it otherwise.

But here is what I wrote today. My paper proposal. I want to write about Ibsen’s play, Hedda Gabler. I like Ibsen. He was a jerk, but he was a good communicator. I sent this proposal minutes ago, realized I wouldn’t be able to write a long blog post, and I have decided to let you all read my paper proposal instead.  


“For my paper topic, I would like to explore whether or not Hedda Gabler reveals Ibsen to be a true feminist. I will argue that the work makes him seem more anti-feminist than feminist. While Hedda is a strong female role, she is not an admirable woman. By contrast, her foil, Mrs. Elvsted, is a weak woman with few positive traits. If Hedda is supposed to be Ibsen’s ideal, liberated woman, then why is the most logical end to her life a dramatic and almost arbitrary suicide? There must be a reason why Ibsen would have her end her life rather than live a life as a mother and a wife. Lastly, Ibsen chose to “masculinize” her instead of emphasizing the power of her femininity. A true feminist might focus on the powers of her womanhood rather than giving her masculine traits as Ibsen has.”

There you have it. 

Good night. 


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  1. “Today” is just a small battle in that sometimes insufferable, most often glorious war of Life. Although you lost the battle (or think you did …), you are way out front in the war. And, by the way, I have never read Ibsen. So today, thanks to you, I have been introduced to him and, once again, learned something from you! And, God only know who else you may have influenced “today” … small victories!

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