Try to Remember


Somehow it’s easy to forget what Christmas is about. 

I’m not sure how. As a Christian, I’m reminded almost daily this time of year that Christmas is about Christ coming to earth as a human child. 

It’s a case of the truth entering the head but not the heart. 

But tonight it all sunk in again. Christ gave up everything to reconcile us to His Father. We’d screwed up, and He knew it. But He wanted to change that…to build a bridge between man and God. But He knew we wouldn’t listen to prophets or priests or perhaps not even God Himself. No, that would be too frightening. Humans wouldn’t listen to what frightened them. 

So God became a man. We’d listen to one of our own. We could believe in Someone who’d suffered as we had. The sin of the world could only be borne by a perfect, sinless man. None existed, so God became one. 

Christmas is a celebration of that sacrificial decision. God gave mankind the greatest gift imaginable. 

So why do we hold back?



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  1. Exactly. I was just thinking yesterday about how the pagan kings (“the 3 wisemen”) were the ones who were able to see the incarnate Christ … and the religious Jewish leaders totally missed it … all because of focus on self.
    It really struck me … would that be me?

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