One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas


I’ve finished my wrapping. The Carpenters are doing what they do best over our speakers. I have a cup of spearmint tea, and the lights on our tree are simply lovely.

I watched two versions of A Christmas Carol today. One with Muppets and the other with George C. Scott. I enjoy both equally, but for different reasons. The Muppets version makes me glow inside. The George C. Scott version gets me teary for all the right reasons.

The Muppets version has this darling little song called “One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas.” An appropriate song to hear today, since tomorrow is that day of days, the day around which the entire kid year revolves. I’m no longer a kid, much to my deep regret, but my year still revolves around Christmas.

And it’s tomorrow.

I wish you all a good night’s sleep—

That you’ll dream dreams you want to keep.

But before you crawl in bed,

I know you want to—go ahead—

Lean out your open window. Try

To see if reindeer really fly.

Then hit the hay and dream away,

For tomorrow’s Christmas Day. 


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