Game Night


One of the most important elements of the annual family reunion is playing board games. Ever since I was very, very small, staying up late and playing board games with my aunt and cousins has been the highlight of the trip. I’ve always loved playing board games and card games—the larger the group, the better, which goes strongly against my deep-seated introvertism. But family makes it fun. We’re a smallish family, my parents and I, and there’s little opportunity to play board games since we’re always so busy. But Christmas gives us an excuse to do nothing but have fun together.

My cousin is the champion of Clue. She wins every year, multiple times. Because it’s a strategic puzzle game, I rarely win. But I enjoy the process.

Occasionally we brave a game of Monopoly. Normally we can play this game without threats of disinheritance. Normally.

Playing SORRY, on the other hand, encourages enough disunity that we try to only play it once during our stay. It’s a shame, because I like that one.

Of course, it’s only the women who play the board games. The men play bored games, like “Let’s See Who Can Land the Remote Control Helicopter on the Assigned Target,” or “Fix the Washing Machine.” Or our personal favorite, “Help the Women Play Their Board Game While Refusing to Actually Play the Game.”

Eh, it doesn’t matter. We’re all having fun in our own individual ways. The important thing is that we’re together, and that we’re enjoying each other’s company.


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  1. Hilarious post!!! Oh my goodness, your descriptions are so. true. 😉
    The men in my family also like to play this game called “We Don’t Need Help, We’ll Install The Mailbox On Our Own” …….

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