Call me childish, but I’ve always imagined heaven to be a bit like a fir tree.

Heaven isn’t very elaborately described in the Bible. Cartoons show heaven as a kind of blank and boring cloudy whiteness where everybody takes harp lessons for eternity, but that’s not what the Bible describes. Yes, it’s a celestial kingdom, so it’s logical to assume there will be clouds involved, but I doubt that they’ll serve the purpose of both ceiling and floor. No, it’s got be more substantial than that.

As a child, I would sit at the foot of our Christmas tree and look up at its unfathomable height, every branch glistening with lights and ornaments, and I’d think, “Surely heaven must be built like this.”

Somehow I see coil after coil of crystalline branches spiraling up into infinity, with all of us who called Christ our Savior milling about in the dazzling light. I see us making homes–homes numerous as the needles on a pine branch. And at the top of this beautiful tree, up among the stars glittering newer than new, would be God’s throne room, where God would sit and watch us all, His smile enough to illumine the whole. He’d sit there, of course, but He would be all over the tree at once, since no part of a tree is disconnected from the rest of it, making all of heaven resonate with His goodness and beauty and marvelousness.

That is how I see heaven. It’s probably far from the truth, since I think no one is supposed to know for sure until we get there and see for ourselves. Whatever heaven is like, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

But 1 still wonder if maybe, just maybe, heaven will be like a tree.


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