Shopping Day in a List


  1. The most interesting people work at natural food stores.
  2. No really, I’ve never seen so many different shades of dyed hair in my life.
  3. It’s cheaper to buy tea in bulk.
  4. Kale and pomegranate–delicious combination. Who’d have known?
  5. The sixties were weird.
  6. Don’t meddle with history, no matter how weird the sixties were. Just ask the Doctor.
  7. Did you know hot chocolate was a love potion? Neither did I. Again, the sixties were weird. The 1460’s, I mean.
  8. Tiny keyboards are devilish hard to type on.
  9. Office Depot is trying to be far to hoity-toity for its own good.
  10. Would someone please invent a time machine sometime in my lifetime? Please and thank you.

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