I love cold weather.

I don’t love the weather itself. I’m not overly fond of being cold. If the temperatures are too low you can lose bits and pieces of your extremities.

But I love snow. I love playing in the snow. I love playing in the snow with people I love. I don’t care how cold and wet I am–I always have a blast in the winter.

My favorite part about the cold is not being out in it, however. My favorite part is the part that comes after being out in the cold. You come inside with frozen fingers and toes and you wonder if your nose is even on your face anymore.

But then you get warm. Your body seems to overcompensate for the extreme cold by warming the frozen parts a little extra. Snuggled up in a blanket, your feet become extra warm, as do your fingers and the rest of you, and you begin to feel cozy and comfortable and very, very sleepy.

This feeling is what makes winter worthwhile.


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