Rainy Day


Undisclosed University students have to return to campus by Monday night.

Needless to say, I am not over eager to leap back into…whatever it is I’ve gotten myself into.

It seems that the days that lead up to my return to campus are always dreary. Rainy. Foggy. Damp. Depressing. It’s like the weather is saying, “Yes, your doom awaits you, and I’m here to make everything feel forlorn and sad. Yes, Christmas is over. Yes, you have to sweat blood until May, and yes, I’m well aware that you don’t know what you’re doing after that point. And yes, I’m not snowing.”


But a day when you have something to look forward to all day…that’s not a bad day at all. No matter how rainy. Sometimes a little hopefulness and happy expectation is enough to keep the blues at bay. Like an umbrella for the soul.

There’s a poem in there somewhere….


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