Saying “No”


After almost eight years of hyperinvolvement, a word I just coined to describe the act of getting involved in to many things, I am learning to say “no.”

Perhaps “learning” is the wrong word. “Allowing myself to” is probably a better way of saying it. I am allowing myself to say no.

It’s a good feeling.

I’m saying “no” to acting—for now (you can take the actress out of the theater but you can’t take the theater out of the actress). I’m saying “no” to most parties. I’m saying “no” to seemingly small commitments I know will inevitably blossom into a month’s worth of stress. I am saying “no” to not allowing myself to exercise. I am saying “no” to not allowing myself to read for pleasure. I am saying “no” to booster clubs and coupon clubs and credit card offers and “deals” on shipping. I am saying “no” to holding onto the things in my past that bother me.

The one thing I’m not saying “no” to is positive change. And I won’t say “no” to God.

So. There. 


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  1. My roommate and I were just having a discussion like this … seems like this is the semester for a lot of us to be learning this!

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