So I Wrote a Play


I wrote a play for a speed-play-writing completion on campus. We’re given a set of instructions, guidelines, and parameters—and then told to write within those parameters. Write outside those parameters or don’t include a required element, and you’re out.

So I wrote a play. It’s fifteen minutes long. It’s sort of sweet, and sort of sad, and sort of funny, and sort of sentimental.

And I’m sort of nervous to broadcast it on the internet.

So I don’t think I will. At least not yet.

If it wins—which it won’t—I will post it on the blog. If it wins, then it will be performed, and then I might think it’s worth publishing here.

If it doesn’t—I’ll email it out to those who ask nicely in the comments.

I will probably send a copy to my mother, who will want to read it no matter how good or bad it is. She’s cool that way. 


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  1. I’d like to read it, whether or not it wins. Though I have enough confidence in your writing to suspect it probably will place! 😉

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