And That is All


Well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t get a ton done today.  

I went to an eternally long meeting in the morning.

I ate lunch.

I went and talked to the cast and director of my play, watched them do a run through, and made a few comments that I thought might have been helpful. Maybe they were. Maybe they weren’t.

Then I did voice practice for not nearly long enough.

Then I went to work. This lasted a while.

Then I wolfed down dinner and went to go see my play. It was beautiful. They did such a good job with it—they made it far better than I could have imagined it being. I may or may not have gotten teary.

Then I came back to my room.

Then I left it briefly to talk to my friend. It was cold out. We didn’t really care.

And here I am, an hour later, having speed-read work manuals and having just remembered I was supposed to read an officer guide by midnight tonight as well. Hmm.

But my play was beautiful, as were the stars and the moon. So that’s my happy thought, along with its usual company, that will send me flying to my dreams tonight. 


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