Perfect Day


To borrow a phrase from the British, college is rubbish.

It’s great because you learn things—learning is important, kids—but the stress is ridiculous, and it’s easy to get tunnel-vision and lose your global perspective.

This is why college is rubbish. You don’t enjoy most of it because you’re too tired to think straight.

But every once in a while, you get a Perfect Day.

It snowed. They shut down the roads. No teachers, no classes. Undisclosed University got a holiday today. We never get holidays like this.

Like the big, sophisticated, worldly adults we all are, we college students went out and played in the snow. Or stayed inside and played games. Or read. Or drank hot chocolate.

For me, today was a day of perfect sleep, perfect meals, perfect weather, perfect (absent) classes, perfect company, and perfect fun.

This will make returning to humdrum reality very difficult tomorrow.

Somehow, I don’t care. 


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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    Enjoy it, my Little One.

    I walked into work and wondered where everyone was.

    They were not due to arrive until noon.

    I felt cheated!

    But I digress.

    Being an adult means bearing responsibility—for oneself and for others.

    Snow, however, means Providential permission to be a child once again.

    Oh, how good God is!

    Snow is laughter covering all our flaws. Snow is God’s heart manifest to sinful man. All our transgressions shall be whiter than snow. Oh! That men would turn to Christ. Do you hear, all ye people?

    So enjoy it while you may—but do be careful to give God the glory.


    The Dadster

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