Back to the Grind: a List


1. I don’t like studying. But then, who does?

2. it seems as though the nights before big tests are always conveniently packed with activity I can’t avoid. 

3. Dinner. Who needs dinner?

4. The homework I really like is always the homework i have the least time for. 

5. No, I don’t care about that dangling preposition. 

6. Science is cool. I just don’t want to be graded on how well I understand it. 

7. Likewise, math. 

8. Besides, I can’t brain today. I have the dumb. 

9. And I just had a mini heart-attack because I thought something was due at midnight that is actually due on Thursday. I’ve been spared. 

10.  I wonder if It’s too much to ask for another snow day. 


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