Taking a class on modern poetry is killing my productivity.

I want to do nothing but read poems all the time. I want to write notes in the margins. I want to read and re-read them. Worst of all, I want to do nothing but write poems. All. The. Time.

Instead of doodling in the margins of my class notes–a habit I’ve had since 6th grade–I write rhymes. I write down fun words. I toy with themes. I capture images. I daydream about what to write next.

Only a few have made it to maturity and onto the blog. Assignments crowd my schedule, and there’s no time for poeming. I can’t be selective with my thoughts. There are too many.

So here are some ideas. Tell me in the comments which one you want the most. The one idea to get the most comments in favor of that theme wins.

  1. Ameryn’s Theme Song
  2. Victory over fear
  3. Perspectives on solitude–pro, con, and why that perspective might have changed
  4. Interruption
  5. A Show Tune–theme pending, though love is the obvious choice
  6. A sonnet
  7. Coming of age
  8. Friendship
  9. Something whimsical addressed to dead authors and poets
  10. The nature of beauty
Vague, yes, but that’s what poems are until they’re on paper and edited to perfection.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. I was going to say Ameryn’s Theme, but Dramatic Lyric Soprano has a very good point–too many people do live in fear. So that’s a good topic too. 🙂

  2. I’d say “Interruption” or “Something whimsical addressed to dead authors and poets.” sounds like you could have fun with either one.

  3. I like “Victory over fear” or ” Perspectives on solitude … “. Solitude is greatly misunderstood and sadly lacking in today’s world. And then there is fear, that potent crippler. I would love either one of those.

  4. I was going to say “something whimsical addressed etc, etc.” or something about a changed perspective on solitude, but fear seems to have won and I think it would be a very good topic as well.
    The show tune sounds awesomely fun, too.

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