The Weather Outside Is Frightful


Students at Undisclosed University have been unusually blessed this semester—if we can call inclement weather a blessing.

Historically, bad weather affected the school about as much as the Titanic affected that iceberg. Drifts as high as six feet, snow clogging the roads, and the show went on. Teachers got to school however they could. Students snow-shoed to class. Nothing stopped the tide of learning. The rest of the county would be out of commission for a week, southern towns being as incapable as they are when it comes to snow, but not at UU. No, sir. They could build life-size replicas of the university president and a ten-foot bust of Bach, but there wasn’t nearly enough snow to cancel classes.

Times have changed. Two weeks ago, a sleet storm iced over the roads surrounding campus, making driving a dangerous affair. Classes were cancelled all day long, so we got an impromptu holiday. The ice was gone the next day, but everyone got to have fun playing what little snow there was and/or sleeping.

And the weather man is predicting solid snow and ice for the next two days. County schools have already closed up shop. My modern poetry professor already handed us our quiz for Wednesday and told us she’d record the lecture, so don’t bother coming to class. UU students wait with bated breath to hear the verdict—classes or no classes.

I, personally, am torn. I like not having to go to class. I love snow. I love the coziness that comes after being out in the middle of it. I love an excuse to drink hot chocolate and curl up in a blanket and read things—or write them.

But I had plans for Wednesday. Nice plans. Plans that would be interrupted by several miles of snowy, icy road between him and me. Snow is fun and all, but it’s better shared.

And I wouldn’t mind being home. Snow days at home are always so magical. Mother and I bake things. We watch movies and eat the baked things. We go out and build snowmen and take pictures of our house in the snow. We walk around and look at other houses’ snowmen. It’s always so lovely. But if things work out the way the weatherman says, I’ll be on campus tomorrow. Campus is nice and all…but it’s nothing compared to home.

We will see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, I will sleep, and wait for the morning email that determines tomorrow’s destiny. 


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