Say what you like about snow. You may be from the frigid North where snow is a nuisance. You may be from the West where snow is more normal, depending on where in the west you reside. Maybe you’re from the South, where snow is this white fluffy mystery that falls from the sky and makes all the Chicken Littles run to the nearest BiLo to stock up for the coming snowpocolypse.

But I don’t care. Snow is beautiful. Snow makes the grungy earth look like a sheet of paper as of yet unwritten upon. Snow make trash heaps look like works of art. Snow makes the red clay look like red velvet cake. Snow keeps everyone waiting indoors, keeps the cars from the roads, the dogs in their doghouses–and all is as silent as restful sleep.

Snow reminds us that what is seemingly irredeemable in the world–and in our hearts–can be redeemed. I see snow as a blank slate that replaced the dirt of the world, just as Scripture talks of our sin-scarlet, stain-bedaubed hearts becoming white as snow.

We cannot make snow. We could simulate snow perhaps, or make something similar to it for a movie set or Christmas decorations. But only God can make snow. The analogy is complete: just as God is the only One Who can make snow, so also is He the only One Who can redeem us. We can’t. We can’t cover our hearts in white. He can.

Snow is a part of the Fall. No sin, no snow–only the eternal Spring for which God made us. But even in this groaning, broken, fallen world, He left for us beautiful reflections of His nature. Even the snow that silences the world, making space in our noisy heads for us to think on Him.


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