In Summary


Basically what happens on a snowy day is this:

You forget that you’re whatever age you are and suddenly you feel many, many years younger.

You forget what homework is, too.

Also, you are overcome with the overwhelming desire to play outside, get as cold as possible, and then come in a eat fattening things.

You bake those fattening things first.

You get artistic. Suddenly the world is a blank sheet of paper and all you need is a stick to leave your imprint on the icy world.

You hug. Body heat sharing and all that.

And you become a photographer and photograph things. Snow, as you may recall, makes everything really pretty.

That is a snow day. And there’s another one tomorrow.


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  1. A perfect summary of a snow day! I felt like such a kid, hopping out of bed and yelling to my roommate, “Let’s go play outside!!!” 😉

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