Snow-cation In a List


  1. Large amounts of snow justifies large amounts of deserts.
  2. Snowpeople must be built. Even if that means waiting for the snow to melt a little before you try.
  3. Sleep. Really, the list could end here.
  4. God knows when we need rest. Sometimes He has to send rest in the form of a snowstorm. But he does send rest when we need it.
  5. Snow creates the greatest family time.
  6. Adventure is out there. But you can only take one adventure at a time, and only all in good time.
  7. Slush is not as much fun to walk in as sleet. And even sleet is not as fun as snow.
  8. And snow days aren’t nearly as fun without electricity. So I’m glad we still had that.
  9. It’s amazing how easy it is to concentrate on reading when you have so much time to do it in.
  10. Next week will be a challenge. I wonder if there’s a way we could always not go to class on Wednesdays….

One response »

  1. 1. Yes … oh my, I’m pretty sure I gained back everything I fought to lose in the past few weeks …
    2. Yes
    3. Yes. Oh yes.
    4. Yes, thank goodness!
    5. Yesss
    6. Yep yep!
    7. Yeah, that hurt! But, it was so worth it.
    8. Oh yes!
    9. Uhhh yeah … it blew my mind! The struggle, folks.
    10. Uh yeah … about that!

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