Things I Never Understood (and Never Will) About the 90s


From the perspective of a (still confused) child of the 90s:

  1. Pastels.
  2. Massive hair, with the accompanying scent of ten gallons of hairspray.
  3. Also, massive plastic earrings.
  4. Paisley. Okay, this wasn’t so bad—I like paisley.
  5. Pilgrim collars.
  6. Deliberately blurring the focus on photos.
  7. Those sticker earrings. What were we thinking?
  8. Those floppy hats with the flowers.
  9. Those devilish pencils with individual plastic-fitted leads that you rotated out like machine gun bullets.
  10. Furbys.
  11. All, repeat all of the popular music*.

*Except the Disney stuff. That was pretty awesome. 


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