Not the Only One


We all woke up with a bad case of the tired today.

And, as I was informed later, some also have a bad case of the stressed. Or of the dumb. Or of the hormonal.

But everybody, repeat everybody, was tired.

I’m not sure what happened. Perhaps our two-day break last week has come back to bite us–all of the shifted deadlines and rearranged schedules and missed classes and lectures we have to listen to online. The gravity of our situations seems to have struck us, and all of us felt the overwhelming urge to nap.

For once, I am probably the least stressed person I know. Okay, second less stressed. But still, I think I’m doing an okay job of not tearing out my hair. Right now, everybody else seems to be feeling all the accumulated stress that I felt last semester–all at once. I’m heartily sympathetic.

 I was a little worried today when, after only an hour or so of wakefulness, I wanted desperately to go back to bed. I had had enough of today already at 8:30.

Normally it seems like I’m the most markedly exhausted (and therefore grumpy) person in the room. Everyone else seems fine. Bubbly, even. Or even if a girl’s working ten times harder than I am, she still smiles and does the whole “conversation” thing.

But today I didn’t feel alone. Everyone, from the students to the teachers to the administrators to the janitorial staff was too tired to think straight. Birds of a feather flock together, after all.

At least, I thought, none of us is alone.


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