It could be that I’ve hit a creative rut. 

I looked at my blog stats recently. My self-assessment was bad enough already, but then I saw that my views-per-month has been steadily dropping for a year. I get new subscribers everyday, but they don’t visit often. 

I can see what they don’t. The quality of my prose has tanked. The poetry’s pretty good, but the Flights of Fiction hardly happen at all anymore. There’s just…nothing much here to read, other than me writing about how I can’t write. Kind of like Shakespeare did for most of his sonnets: “Sorry, my Muse won’t cooperate, so all I can give you is this lousy sonnet.”

So if Shakespeare himself hit ruts, so can I. No one is perfect. 

(Man. I was going to be all depressing and cheered myself up instead. 



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  1. I don’t always click through to your blog, but I always read your posts in my inbox. They’re emailed to me each day, and I love them!

    • I feel the same, cdouce515. My own blogging is comatose, so I rarely ever log on to WordPress. But I log onto my email every day to read the Risible Rambler. 🙂

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