The Best Medicine


Do you ever just…laugh?

My father told me once that men who never laugh often think far too highly of themselves. They’re afraid to be noticed. They’re afraid of betraying emotion of any kind, much less a spontaneous outburst of joy.

Of course, this comes from a man who laughs freely. All of us Ramblers laugh unabashedly. We have loud laughs. Mine sounds something like an asthmatic seal doing a kookaburra impression. Mother twitters like a bird, and father only blasts.

Sometimes it’s best to laugh for no reason.

Well, not no reason. It’s perfectly wonderful to laugh at something that occurs within you, instead of something you observe around you.

I laugh when I feel the seasons changing. But only when they change from summer to autumn and from winter to spring. I smell and hear and taste and feel the change. It tickles, so I laugh.

I laugh when I remember something hilarious. My friends are funny people who do funny things, so I think back on the good times and I laugh out loud. You know who you are, fun friends.

Of course, this habit of spontaneous laughter may arouse suspicion among your onlookers. After all, displaying your feelings makes you weird. Immature. Foolish. Ridiculous. Possibly crazy. My tongue is buried so far in my cheek it’s practically nonexistent.

It does the soul good to laugh. I would not have survived most of my college experience without ample doses of both prayer and laughter.

Laughing freely doesn’t mean you don’t take life seriously. It just means you know enough of yourself not to take yourself too seriously.

Laughter, then, comes from a willingness to be happy…of only for the space of a breath. 


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