Bonza Bottler Observations


Happy Bonza Bottler day to you all! It is March 3, or 3/3, and when the numbers line up so adorably like that you just have to celebrate a little.

Several interesting items occurred to me today.

One, I am a scant four months away from my third blogiversary. On July 26th of this year, I will have written a post every day for three years—assuming I can keep it up. It seems like such a long time ago that I sat down one day and thought, “Hey, I should write a blog.” And so I made one. It’s amazing that I haven’t quit by now, but honestly the blog is such a large part of my life I feel like quitting would be impossible. This blog has helped me grow. It has expanded my life in so many ways—most of which I’m not bold enough to mention here. At this time.

Two, I have less than two months left of being 21. Not sure how I should feel about that. Honestly, I’m trying my best not to have an opinion. If I do, I’ll have to ponder whether I used this year to its fullest capacity—and I don’t want to call that into question.

Three, I am less than 64 days away from graduating from college. What.  

Four, I feel old now, and I need to stop typing before I start crying from an odd mixture of relief, sadness, joy, and lack of sleep. 


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