Big Band


Out on a limb

And full to the brim

A cat up a tree

Is me

Yes, siree


Walking on air

Not a fear, not a care

Just a bird in the clouds

Sing loud

Sing it proud


I wished for a while

On that last sleepy star

And with a sad little smile

Said, “Well, it’s too far

To hear a wish from a fool.

And besides, as a rule,

Wishing won’t take you a mile.”


But then the big band played

A hot yellow song

And you came and you stayed

And we sang along

To some bright brassy tune

About spring, or the moon,

And I knew I had it made.


Out in the sun

With a song that’s begun

And a smile big and wide

Can’t hide

Down inside


Flight without end

Knowing I have a friend

Now I can’t help but sing

Of spring

Of anything


Give me a band,

A big brass band,

And I’ll sing.


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