The Challenge


Our hippie haven is squeaky clean. An abnormal combination—cleanliness and hippiedom—but the revolution has to start somewhere. In this dorm room, we dare to be different.

The trouble will be keeping it clean.

Right now everything is spotless. The floor is vacuumed. The shelves are organized. My roommate even made me a tea storage shelf out of an old Mountain Dew box (it has drawers and everything). The unused bunks are free of clutter. It’s like we just moved in, only better because things are organized.

Already I am battling the clutter demons. A few stray clothing items are hung over the closet doors. My laundry bag is on the bottom bunk. The trash can is full, and we’re always out of bin liners. The mirror has splash marks—or did until my roommate saw them and frantically scrubbed them away.

We’re about to enter the most stressful part of the semester. We’ll be tearing out our hair in short order. There will be precious little time to eat or sleep, much less clean things. Can we keep our room out of its natural state of pig-styishness?

We shall see. 


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