Some weeks are smooth sailing. Others…not so much. 

It seemed that this week was nothing but a series of obstacles. A scheduled blood test that turned into a doctor’s appointment I didn’t want. Inadequate time to study for a test. Double the amount of work for a class. I waited an hour for a person who never came. I reserved a location on campus for a meeting only to discover that someone else thought they had reserved the spot only they hadn’t but it made me look bad anyway. Physical limitations and difficulties that hindered my sleep some nights. Precious quiet time interrupted by issues that needed immediate attention. 

Here I am, just trying to wrap up my undergrad degree, minding my own business, trying to accomplish things…but people keep getting in the way. 

I have to remember I’m getting more than a BA in creative writing. I’m getting an education in how to deal with people. A college is a sampling of all different kinds of people from all different walks of life. No two are the same. We’ll have to deal with people–helping them, teaching them, loving them–our whole lives. People are not obstacles. They may cause obstacles, but the fact remaiins that a person is an eternal soul.

And now is the best time to learn this truth. 


Ramble back at me...

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