What Got Done: Things


Novel concept, that things should get done on Saturdays. What do you know?

Recently, my saturdays have been full of things. Fun things. Spiritually profitable things. Social things. Odd things. But lots of things that involve driving to places and talking to people. Which are two things that, frankly, I’d rather not do much of on a Saturday. 

Depends on the company. 

But today, not so much. Today I got up and did homework and drank coffee. Then I ran an errand or two. Then I ate lunch, did more homework, sang for an hour and a half, went to work and put books on shelves. Then came back and did more homework. 

I’m much better prepared for the week than I’ve been in a while. Or at least better prepared for Monday. 

Fancy that. 

After a week of being oversocialized (read: 2,000 extra people on campus, all of which I had to be friendly towards), it was nice not to open my mouth for hours and hours. My batteries are fully recharged. And I am content. 

It’s the little things. 


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  1. My Saturday’s are so precious. Yours sounds way too busy to me! I have to make sure I sleep 12 hours and then stay on Facebook for at least 4 hours, then I’m recharged.

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