1. Everything got done today. Granted, it was all due at midnight, and granted, it all got done at about 11:45, but it got done.
  2. Winter’s back.
  3. There was a red moon last night, and a lunar eclipse. That wasn’t really a surprise—I’d marked it in my calendar months ago—but that’s still a really cool thing.
  4. I got to eat all three meals today.
  5. And I might get to eat all three meals tomorrow.
  6. Despite many obstacles, I stayed cheerful today.
  7. I got to spend five minutes on my back with my feet propped up on the wall, staring at the ceiling of my dorm room. Right now it’s covered in bits of colorful paper with the attributes of God written on them. I was reminded to pray without ceasing, and I had a little five-minute worship session on the floor of my room. For results, see #6.
  8. I got great sleep last night.
  9. Tulsi tea actually tastes good.
  10. I got to have dinner with a friend. A dear friend from days gone by, who will probably always be one of my bests and a true sister. It was pretty awesome. 

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