Past the Point of No Return


So I looked at my syllabi today.

My blood pressure levels aren’t thanking me.

Next week is The Week. The Week of all Deadlines. And we all know why they’re called deadlines.

This year, I have it lucky. I only have three papers due. Three final projects, two of which will probably determine whether I get an A or a B in those classes.

Others I know are not so lucky. They have projects due for contests and lessons to plan and teach. They have final performances. They have exams that come early. They have research papers and speeches and group projects. All at once.

Really, I have very little reason to complain. Still, we’re all past the point of no return. It’s a stomach-lurching plunge ahead, dropping us closer and closer to commencement day where we’ll land in an exultant splat, ready to sleep for a year.

Next week’s posts will be very, very short. 


Ramble back at me...

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