Oh Happy Day


So now I’m 22. 

No sentimental mish-mosh today. I have no deep, brooding feelings to share tonight. There’s too much yellow in my soul for that. 

What a perfect day. 

After a semester…a year, really, of meeting obstacle after obstacle every day–obstacles interspersed with either wild joy or frantic exasperation–it was a relief to have a Perfect Day. 

Perfect weather. Perfect circumstances. Perfect everything. For the first time in a very, very long time, I had a day where nothing–absolutely nothing–went wrong. 

Tomorrow I know that many things may come crashing down around my ears. I know that things will happen that make me frustrated, that mess up my plans for the day, that throw off my groove (to borrow a phrase). 

But let tomorrow worry about itself. Today was glorious. And I thank God for it. 


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