Vive la Compagnie


I picked the perfect major.

The individuals that populate the UU creative writing program are among the most unique people I have ever known. They are unabashedly themselves—a trait I admire in anyone, but especially in writers.

We’re an odd rabble of characters. Some of us do theater on the side, others spend more time in the library than out of it, and almost all of us love Doctor Who. It’s fairly clear which of us grew up on Tolkien and which of us grew up on Montgomery. Or both.

It’s the only group I’ve ever known that will hold educated arguments about Paolini, Dante, and the Oxford Comma—often all in fifteen minutes, and often all at once.

We root for each other. I’m unsure about whether or not we’ve read each other’s writing, but we’ll allude to our personal projects a lot. Such ideas meet with cheering and encouragement on all sides—even from our more stoic members.

My major consists of fun people. Fun, weird, hilarious, and brilliant people. And I am so glad to have become their friend over the last four years.

May they never lose their oddacity.  


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