I am thankful for all the granted wishes.

I wanted to be in plays. I was in six productions during my time at UU.

I wanted to be in a musical. Did that.

I wanted to be in a student body skit. I was.

I wanted to be in a play in the university’s central theater—the big one in the middle of campus where the big kids do theater. I was in two: one in the basement with a cast of five, and another where I was an extra with three lines. Not top billing, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I wanted to win the playwriting competition. I did. I got to see something I wrote performed on stage. That was incredible.

I wanted to learn how to witness to people. So I went on two missions trips and started going on extension. Witnessing is a lot easier than it used to be.

I wanted to see my church grow—especially in the youth department. While I didn’t have a “college group” until this year, the teen group is flourishing. I’m glad that my little friends have friends. Yes, they’re teenagers. Yes, I just called them “little.”

I wanted to take classes from my mother. I took three. They’ve all been so fun. I now know so many things about American literature that I didn’t know before. And I also know exactly what I’m going to be like in 30 years.

I wanted to graduate. That’s going to happen in a few short days.

Right after I take three Tests of Death tomorrow.



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