I am grateful for my parents. They have been my loudest cheerleaders this whole long time.

They never questioned my choice of a major. They came to all my theater events. They helped me with FAFSA forms and scholarship problems. They took care of medical bills. They read my writing. They commented on the blog.

I got little emails every night form my dad. My mother would run to the store for me when I was too busy to do it myself—which was every week.

They listened to my worries and hugged me when I was happy or when I was overwhelmed. They supported my odd ways of staying healthy. They got me out of tight places I had dug myself into. They always—always—welcomed me home.

I love them. I could not have done college—or anything before that—without them.

And in two days, I get to be home with them for a whole long month.

I am abundantly blessed. 


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  1. I don’t know where I’d be without my amazing parents. By far what I’m most thankful for in my life!

  2. The Dadster Ripostes:

    Yes, Mumsie and I have indeed been your biggest cheerleaders since before we ever had the chance to meet you. You have been on our hearts and in our prayers for nearly 23 years. We have marveled at God’s grace for entrusting you to our often-feeble care.

    But you need never wonder whether we love you, my Darling Little One. Though I can no longer lift you up and carry your giggling little form on my shoulders, I will always carry you on my heart. You make me smile, laugh, and rejoice.

    It is we, your doting parents, who are blessed.

    And we cannot WAIT to get you back home for some good, old-fashioned spoiling!

    And Dr. Who!


    The Dadster

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