I am grateful for a forgiving, merciful, all-powerful God.


My college career would have been vain dabbling without Him. My struggles would have been without relief, myself my only hope.

I would have been so very lost and confused. And for a while, I was lost and confused, but only because He wanted me to come out of the darkness with new clarity and depth and drive.

I would not have gone to UU had I never accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a little, little girl. Because of Him, I have become a woman. A very young, inexperienced, and impetuous sort of woman. But a woman who wants to please God more than anything else. And that’s an auspicious beginning.

I give full credit to God for everything I have accomplished in the last four years. Without Him, it wouldn’t have happened. Time and time again he has proven Himself faithful. I know he always will.

One more night. Then…homeward bound. 


Ramble back at me...

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