Now What?


This has been a college blog for its entire existence.

Now what should it be?

I’ll be a grad school student, so I’m sure that there are things I could probably freak out about. Writing about freak-outs is fun. Or it can be fun. Or not.

There will still be poems. And the Croatia posts in June. Croatia posts are the best, be cause it gives me a chance to write about another culture and strange (but awesome) food.

And I’ve got a story or two brewing in the back of my brain.

There will be plenty of Circle-of-Life writings following my attendance at all of the weddings I’ve been invited to this summer. Including the wedding of one of my sisters. Good heavens.

There will be a lot of feels this summer. And next year. And the year after that.

Believe me, I intend to post every single day for as long as I can stand it. But the blog, like my journey, may look completely different from what it’s ever looked like before.  


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