Have you hugged your mother today?

I realize not everyone can. Distance separates many of us from our mothers. My friend’s mother is in Cambodia. Hugs are impossible. Thanks to technology, saying “hello” is not. But still, it’s hard to give a hug over so much space.

Some of our mothers are gone. They’ve left the earth. My grandmother is gone. I very much wanted to hug her today and on Friday when I graduated. But she is beyond my reach. Regardless, I’m absolutely certain that her Mother’s Day was exceptionally happy.

But if you are able to hug your mother, did you? Peck on the cheek? Back rub? Love pat?


After all, she did change your diapers. And fed you. And told you not to touch the hot stove. And bought you birthday presents. And put Band-Aids on your ouches.  

My mother even puts Band-Aids on internal ouches. She helps me think clearly. I do not always think clearly. She hugs me when I cry. She’s one of the few people I know who can do that and it makes things better. She gives the best hugs. She’s had lots of practice.

My mother is very patient with me. That’s extremely helpful.

And she’s the most selfless person I know. I am the most selfish person I know, but I can learn from her example how to not be selfish. And I’m learning. Slowly.

And what has your mother done for you? Not everyone has a great mother. Admittedly, a lot of mothers have been neglectful and selfish. Some of my readers may only be able to think of unhappy things when they remember their mothers. But there must have been one thing—if only one thing—your mother did that made you a stronger person. No matter how hard a parent tries, she can’t help but have an influence on child. She deserves a little thanks—a little recognition.

But most mothers are wonder women. They don’t often believe that of themselves. They get disappointed when they look in the mirror or into the perpetually messy living room. Yet they have happy, healthy children—maintaining them requires skills that are nothing short of superhuman.

I know a lot of such super human women. My mother is one of them.

And I love her.



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